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This module will introduce you to how children and vulnerable adults can be at risk of being radicalised into terrorist organisations.

Aims and Intended Outcomes

  • Understand what radicalisation is.
  • Know your professional responsibilities in safeguarding vulnerable adults and children from radicalisation.
  • Know the vulnerability factors to being radicalised.
  • Know who to turn to for advice when you suspect someone of being or having been radicalised.
  • Be able to take action and raise concerns.
  • Know how to recognise how direct and indirect factors can influence individuals.
  • Understand the need to share information and the consequences of not doing so.
Module 1Radicalisation
Unit 1Aims and Intended Outcomes
Unit 2What is Radicalisation?
Unit 3Online Radicalisation
Unit 4Contest
Unit 5Nominated Adult Safeguarding Lead
Final Test