Medication Management

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This module will take you through 8 modules designed to enable you to manage drugs in your role in healthcare. You will learn about different medicines and how the body reacts to them. You will also be able to calculate and administer drugs and be able to spot the signs of any adverse reactions your service users or patients may experience.

At the end of each module, you will be asked a series of questions to test your understanding.


Aims and Intended Outcomes 

  • To understand the legislation and regulations governing the management and administration of medicines in a healthcare setting.
  • To understand the roles of the major organs in the body in relation to medicines
  • To know the basics of how medicines act on the body.
  • To know how medicines are prescribed.
  • To understand how to administer medicines.
  • To know how to calculate drugs.
  • To recognise the side effects and adverse reactions of medicines.
  • To understand the interactions that drugs have with each other.
  • Awareness of age and drugs.
  • To know how to calculate drugs.
  • Gain an understanding of your roles and responsibilities.


Module 1Medication Management
Unit 1Introduction to Medication Management
Module Test
Module 2How the Human Body Works
Unit 2How the Human Body Works
Module Test
Module 3Types of Medication
Unit 3Types of Medication
Module Test
Module 4How medications affect the body
Unit 4How medications affect the body
Module Test
Module 5Prescribing Medication
Unit 5Prescribing Medication
Module Test
Module 6Medication Administration
Unit 6Medication Administration
Module Test
Module 7Drug side effects and interactions
Unit 7Drug side effects and interactions
Module Test
Module 8Your Responsibilities