Informed Consent

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Informed Consent


Aims and Intended Outcomes

  • To understand the basis of informed consent
  • Know the legislation governing informed consent
  • To understand the key principals of informed consent
  • Be able to gain informed consent
  • To be able to answer service user questions and requests
  • Understand the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in more detail
  • Know what to do when a service user lacks capacity and how they can be supported Know how to manage treatment refusal
  • Know what your responsibilities are


This online training module will take you through the principles of “informed consent”; how it works in practise and what your roles and responsibilities are as a healthcare worker. We will also cover the circumstances where informed consent cannot be gained and what should be done in these circumstances.

Module 1Informed Conesent
Unit 1Informed Consent
Unit 2Medical Ethics
Unit 3Legislation Governing Informed Consent
Unit 4Here is some of that legislation in more detail:
Unit 5Helping people make their own decisions
Unit 6The Key Principals of Informed Consent
Unit 7How to gain Informed Consent
Unit 8Written or verbal consent?
Unit 9Mental Health Act 2008 Revised Code of Practise
Unit 10Children and Young People
Unit 11Your Responsibilities
Final Test