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Healthcare frameworks and service level agreements can be a daunting prospect with many differing compliance requirements dependant on what you choose to tender for.

With so much red tape to adhere to, you need somebody to help guide you through it.

We are here to give you the correct advice ensuring that you never fall short of your obligations under any agreement in relation to quality and compliance.

We support both framework, non-framework and new venture healthcare recruitment companies. We have a plan to suit all needs. Whether it’s an ad-hoc requirement or you need a more permanent solution, we can help.

Last Minute Compliance aims to be the first name you think of when looking at your company’s quality and compliance outsourcing needs.


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“A consultancy dealing with Medical Framework quality and compliance. If you need help with getting ready for ISO 9001 accreditation, setting up policy or procedures, a pre-audit run through or just need general quality or compliance advice regarding CPP, HTE or CCS frameworks then we would be happy to see how we may assist you.”

Steve Probert, Director